16th September 2011
I enjoy wildlife photography today more than ever before, and hopefuly less than i will in the future. It is one of my great passions and i love being in the outdoors and in nature, but i am constantly looking to improve and become the best photographer i can be. There are 3 crucial aspects that i would like to share with you that i have used along the way.


Be passionate about what you are doing, i love wildlife and wildlife photography, i love the amazing feeling i get when that perfect scene produces itself and i start clicking away, it is almost like an adrenalin rush. Passion is one of the key ingredients to being a successful wildlife photographer.


Try and try again, if your images dont come out as you wanted, or if you were trying a certain technique and it didnt work, keep trying the more you try the more you will learn the more you learn the better photographer you become. Do not give up, no matter how long it takes or how hard it is, tell yourself you will get it right!


Be patient, there is no script in nature, you never know what is going to happen or what you are going to see, animals do things in their own time. If you find a great sighing or a potentialy great sighting stay there for a while, even if it is say sleeping lions that cn be extremely boring, one may wake up and give you the opportunity to capture that great yawn you have been waiting for. Dont chase the fantom, by this i mean dont chase the next best thing, there may well be a fantastic sighting around the corner and again there may not, shoot what you see and leave the fantoms for the comic books.


Photo comment By rishi raj: exillnt guidnce
Photo comment By Willem Schoombee: Dear Brendon, I had a good look at your portfolio and just want to congratulate you on your photography. You really inspires me to up my own photography to also become a true wildlife photographer. Good luck an be blessed!!
Photo comment By Shashiraj: Nice one. Thanks

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