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Photo Safaris and Photography Tours

If you are a photographer looking for that ultimate photographic safari or photography tour experience at some of or one of Africa's premier wildlife destinations then look no further!

Partnering with some of the worlds top Photographic safari operators, Brendon leads photographic safaris, photography tours and photography workshops especially designed for photographers of all levels! The success of a Photographic Safari, Photographic Tour or photography workshop is of the utmost importance and this is governed by many factors but the most important, being in the right place at the right time to capture that dream shot. Spending quality time in the field at some of Africa's Premier wildlife locations and going home with some mind blowingly exceptional images.
"Being a professional wildlife photographer, photographic guide and a highly experienced safari guide myself, I know what you are after, therefore i can help make sure that your photographic safari, photography workshop or photography tour is a photographic adventure of a lifetime and that you return home with not only exceptional images but also a new admiration for Africa and its wildlife."

The below destinations will present aspiring wildlife photographers as well as professional photographers and everyone in between with the very best wildlife and photographic opportunities on offer. These are chosen by using specific locations at specific times of the year, abundant in wildlife and lodges that accommodate and understand our photographic needs thereby affording you the opportunities you are looking for. All of the destinations are highly researched for both wildlife abundance, wildlife specialties and suitability to our photographic needs. We will utilise private game viewing vehicles and vessels that allow adequate space and comfort for you and your equipment as well as flexibility in the field.

Join one of the below scheduled Photographic Safaris, photography tours or photography workshops. Alternatively see my PRIVATE PHOTO SAFARIS or TAILOR MADE SAFARIS page for something else that may suite your photographic safari taste.


Tusk Photo specialises in getting world class results in the limited time available as is necessary with most international travellers.

Tusk Photo currently offers Photo Tours and Safaris not only around the African Continent but around the northern and southern Hemispheres combined. These Tours cover a diverse collection of some of the most sort after and wildlife abundant natural wonders the world has to offer, from Africa's Kalahari Desert to the snow capped peaks of Asia's Himalayas, Botswana's swamps of the Okavango Delta to the Icebergs of the Arctic, the great plains of Tanzania's Serengeti to the great rain forests of South America and many more in between.


11 - 15 March 2017 ZAR 15800
15 - 19 March 2017 ZAR 15800
8 - 12 April 2017 ZAR 15800
12 - 16 April 2017 ZAR 15800
13 - 17 May 2017 ZAR 15380
17 - 21 May 2017 ZAR 15380
10 - 14 June 2017 ZAR 15380
14 - 18 June 2017 ZAR 15380
8 - 12 July 2017 ZAR 15380
12 - 16 July 2017 ZAR 15380
5 - 9 August 2017 ZAR 15380
9 - 13 August 2017 ZAR 15380
2 - 6 September 2017 ZAR 15800
6 - 10 September 2017 ZAR 15800
30 - 4 October 2017 ZAR 15800
4 - 8 October 2017 ZAR 15800
4 - 8 November 2017 ZAR 15800
21 - 25 November 2017 ZAR 15800
25 - 29 November 2017 ZAR 15800

Tusk Photo is very proud to offer you this unique 5 day safari to the luxurious Elephant Plains Private Game Lodge, set in one of the most sought after unspoiled and pristine game viewing areas – the Sabi Sand game reserve.

Your action packed adventure takes place in this reserve, which forms part of the Greater Kruger Park, 2.3 million hectares of virgin African bush.

Wildlife abounds in this area, and you will have the unrivalled opportunity to photograph not only the Big 5, but also hundreds of other species.

We all have a fascination for the big cats, and the Sabi Sand Reserve has become synonymous with Leopard sightings. You will see these magnificent cats on almost every game drive. They are unfazed by the presence of vehicles, and continue with their daily lives as you get up close and personal for the opportunity to capture your images of a lifetime.

Your safari experience is enhanced by the use of highly skilled Trackers, knowledgeable Game Rangers, and an experienced Wildlife photographer on each vehicle.

Tusk limits the number of guests on each vehicle to only 6, giving you the best possible opportunity for optimum sightings, with no crowding. In addition, only two vehicles approach any animals at any one time.


29 July 2017 - 2 August 2017 - ZAR 22 500
14 - 18 August 2017 - ZAR 22500
28 August 2017 - 1 September 2017 - ZAR 22500
11 - 15 September 2017 - ZAR 22500
25 - 29 September 2017 - ZAR 22500
9 - 13 October 2017 - ZAR 22500

You will experience a safari like no other on board the luxurious Pangolin Voyager houseboat which travels along the meandering Zambezi and Chobe Rivers. Under the guidance of your Tusk Photographic host photographer you will be able to maximize your photographic experience.

We will be using the dedicated 'Photo Boats' with custom made support systems making light work of even the heaviest photographic equipment.

The Chobe area is home to the highest concentration of elephants in the world, and seeing these grand animals from our Photo boats as they come down to the water to drink, bathe and play, is a sight that you will never forget.

Abundant wildlife with different antelope species, predators, reptiles, and an extraordinarily rich birdlife frequent the banks. One of the safari highlights will be working with Fish Eagles along the rivers. There is also good opportunities with African Skimmers when in season as well as various King Fishers, Bee-Eaters, Rollers, Herons, Egrets and more.

Bring plenty of storage space!


26 August 2017 - 1 September 2017 - USD 4880
25 - 31 August 2018 - USD 5110
31 August 2018 - 6 September 2018 - USD 5110

Enjoy nature at her most theatrical as you live an unsurpassed wildlife experience in the renowned Masai Mara National Reserve to photograph its dense concentration of wildlife and witness the annual migration of some 1.9 million wildebeest, an unforgettable experience

This exceptional safari takes you to the Masai Mara National Reserve at a time when it is packed with migrating animals.

The sight of 1.9 million wildebeest accompanied by herds of zebra, aiming steadfastly to their new destination in search of water and food will create a never to be forgotten memory. Your daily excursions will give you close up views of this awe-inspiring happening.

Predators can be spotted all around, keeping your camera very busy indeed. Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Hyena, scavengers are everywhere, always ready to take the weak, the small, the old, and more rarely, those that have become isolated from their herd.

Your 7 day safari takes you right to the centre of the action. You will enjoy almost endless photographic opportunities as your expert trackers and guides, together with your professional photographic host take you to the best spots for viewing all the actions and interactions.

Your accommodation is situated right on the Mara River with magnificent views over both the Mara and Talek rivers, and your private verandah allows you to enjoy the spectacle of vast herds roaming the Masai Mara in your own private peace and tranquility.


3 - 16 June 2017 - ZAR 33900
17 - 30 June 2017 - ZAR 33900

This 14-day 13-night safari is tailored to the nature photographer looking for the best opportunity to capture the spectacular beauty of Namibia. We will be concentrating on all the natural highlights Namibia has from the breathtaking landscapes to the diverse bird and wildlife the country has to offer. You can opt to drive your own vehicle or join our Tusk Photographic vehicle - which ever works for you.

For clients joining in our Tusk Photo photographic vehicles your tour start after arriving in Windhoek and transfer to River Crossing Lodge on the outskirts of Windhoek. The next day we officially start the tour off by meeting everyone else at the QuiverTree Forest Lodge in Keetmanshoop. Here we will be able to capture some of the beauty of the magnificent QuiverTree forest as well as have access to the Giant Playground area for some spectacular landscape photography. The next day we continue our adventure and drive to Sossusvlei where we will be visiting places such as the well known Dead Vlei and Dune 45. Sossusvlei is also the place where two desert systems come together - the beautiful red dunes of the Kalahari desert and the breathtaking stark Namib desert. The desert experience is a surreal life changing experience and even the best images do not do the beauty of this unique desert system justice. Dead Vlei with its ancient trees in the now dried up lake are a feast for photographers that are looking for that something different.

From Sossusvlei we head off to Swakopmund to spend some time photographing the amazing bird life in and around the Walvis Bay area. The Salt Mine and bay area is especially productive with huge selection of waders and other water fowl and not to mention the massive flamingo population. From our chartered boat on one of the mornings we will target flying Pelicans, Skua’s and Cormorants to keep the most discerning bird photographers on their toes. Our next morning we head into the dunes again and will target species such as the Desert Chameleon, Horned Adder, Palmato Gecko and Sand-Diving Lizards to name but a few we are likely to photograph. Afternoons in the area will be spent driving along the beach to the huge seal colonies in the area and capture their playful interaction and antics.

Just when you thought it could not get any better we head further north to the wide-open plains of Etosha. Here the wildlife spectacle is arguably one of the best in Africa. Etosha is home to not only the African big 5 but also a variety of other species such as Cheetah, Honey Badger, Oryx, Springbok, Dik-Dik, Black-Faced Impala, Eland, Ostrich and more.


25 - 31 March 2017 - USD 3995
9 - 15 October 2017 - USD 3995
15 - 21 October 2017 - USD 3995
21 - 27 October 2017 - USD 3995
10 - 16 March 2018 - USD 4350
16 - 22 March 2018 - USD 4350
8 - 14 October 2018 - USD 4350
14 - 20 October 2018 - USD 4350
20 - 26 October 2018 - USD 4350

The Masai Mara is home to an unequalled profusion and diversity of wildlife. The Masai mara is of course most famous for the annual wildebeest migration and the river crossings that ensue during this migration. However, the mara is also known as the big cat mecca of the world, amazing documentaries such as the BBC "Big cat Diaries" hold testament to this fact. No where else in Africa will you find a higher density of big cats and more specifically lion and cheetah. In addition to this leopards , hyaenas, servals and many more smaller predators are present. This safari also coincides with one of the peak birthing times of not only many of the local plains game (Zebra, Giraffe, Topi, Impala ect) and the loita herds of Wildebeest, but also many of the predators, so not only is there plenty of young prey species around but also young cubs and pups, these youngsters growing up and being full of playful antics as well as the adults needing to provide food and going out hunting, which we will follow and photograph, all make for some great photography of action and interaction.

In addition to this plethora of animals and experiences, there are over 450 species of birds and many of the migratory species have returned. There are so many, enough for the most ardent bird photographer.

The beauty of this safari being just after the short rains the vegetation around the mara is bursting with vibrant shades of green but the grass is still short having just started to grow. Lets not forget that a major attraction to this time of year, is that the hoards of traffic associated with the migration season is no longer present, so with very little traffic, we will have much of the reserve to ourselves.

This safari for only 8 guests led by our Tusk Photo guides and photographers, offers you the opportunity to experience the best of Africa’s wildlife and take amazing images while doing it.

Your accommodation is situated right on the banks of the Mara River with magnificent views.


16 - 22 September 2017 - ZAR 39990
20 - 26 October 2017 - ZAR 39990

The gathering of thousands upon thousands of beautiful, vibrant, vivid, Carmine Bee-eaters as they arrive to nest and breed in huge colonies along the banks of the fabled Zambezi River. The river banks are transformed into colourful, riotous areas as the birds whirl around, and land on the muddy banks to attend their nests.

You will experience this amazing spectacle as well as encounters with the abundant birdlife in the area from a unique perspective. Your base for this part of the safari is Kalizo Lodge nestled among the Acacias and Jackleberry’s, along the lush banks of the mighty Zambezi, close to one the largest Carmine Bee-eater colonies.

Your twice daily forays to the colonies with an expert guide will take you to areas and positions which will afford supreme photographic opportunities.

The Chobe River region is world-renowned as a photographic hot spot for both Wildlife and Bird lovers alike. Here you will experience the abundant wildlife with different antelope species, predators, reptiles, and an extraordinarily rich birdlife frequent the banks. You can expect to photograph Lion, Leopard and possibly Wild Dogs. Waterbuck, Puku, Roan Antelope, Lechwe, Crocodiles, Hippos – the list goes on and on … and lets not forget the amazing low angle elephant photography, chobe is home to the largest population of elephants on the continent.
This is truly a safari like no other. Bring plenty of storage space for the hundreds of winning images that you are sure to capture!


Mana Pools - Zimbabwe
29 October - 3 November 2017 - ZAR 33800

Experience one of the last true wild destinations left in Africa, Mana Pools. This safari will take you to the banks of the lower Zambezi where we get to photograph lions, wild dog and huge elephants both on foot and from vehicles. This is a wildlife adventure second to none..!

Have you ever wanted to experience Africa the way it was hundreds of years ago? Have you ever want to be part of nature and at the same time capture world class images of wild and free roaming animals..? Then this safari is for you.

Mana Pools offers the adventurous wildlife and landscape photographer unequaled opportunity to photograph and capture animals in a spectacular natural unspoiled environment. We will be able to photograph animals and landscapes from vehicles as well as on foot and from the river. This opportunity for wildlife photographers to photograph on foot is what sets Mana Pools apart from all the other major National Parks in Africa. It gives you the freedom to push your creativity to new heights and challenges your artistic inner artist - what more can a wildlife and landscape photographer ask for.

Our Luxury lodge set along the banks of the Zambezi River is set in a private concession, giving us freedom and exclusivity. We have the freedom to choose how we would like our daily itinerary to run. The accommodation and lodge is amazing and well suited to even the non photographer who would just like to kick back a relax.

All meals are included as well as drinks (local beer, wines and soft drinks)
Our 5 night tour costs also include the charted flights from Harare to the camp and back again.