Brendon is a wildlife photographer and specialist photographic safari guide. Brendon leads photo safaris, workshops and tours especially designed for photographers of all levels! The success of a Photographic Safari, Workshop or Tour is of the utmost importance and this is governed by many factors but the most important, being in the right place at the right time to capture that dream shot. Spending quality time in the field at some of Africa's Premier wildlife locations and going home with some mind blowingly exceptional images.


"Being a professional wildlife photographer, photographic guide and a highly experienced safari guide myself, I know what you the photographer are after, therefore i can help make sure that your photo safari, workshop or tour is a photographic adventure of a lifetime and that you return home with not only exceptional images but also a new admiration for Africa and its wildlife."


Advanced Flash Photography for wildlife Photographers
22nd May 2018

Flash can be a powerful tool in wildlife photography, allowing a photographer to illuminate, emphasise or bring a whole new dimension to an image
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A Portfolio of images available for Purchase

Wildlife By Day Wildlife By Day
A collection of wildlife images captured during daylight hours
Dusk and Dawn Dusk and Dawn
A collection of images captured during the twilight, sunset and sunrise hours of the day
When Night Falls When Night Falls
A collection of images captured at night under the cover of darkness
Feathered Friends of Flight Feathered Friends of Flight
A collection of avian images depicting the life of Birds
Lay of the Land Lay of the Land
A collection of landscape images showing the lay of the land
Limited Edition Prints Limited Edition Prints
A selection of Limited Edition prints. My limited edition prints are numbered 1 of only 50 worldwide. Images are printed on the finest archival pearl fine art paper or canvas and your print is autographed and numbered. I will customize the size of your print according to the space where you would like to hang it and to your own personal specifications. Prints will be rolled and shipped in tubes.